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Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Kid Gloves from John Perkins

John Perkins the author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman has an important message. It's a dark message that paints a dark picture about the US government. His book released in 2004 reads like a spy thriller but is an apparently true account of real events. He is a slow talker and speaks in "monotone." This probably explains why he has not got the press he should. I'm sure to many it's a little like watching a reformed criminal trying to make amends.

But on Tuesday he spoke to students at Ohio University and somehow managed to get his message across. He recieved a standing ovation and drew positive comments from students afterward.

In fact he revealed the important facts and pointed out the relevancy of his actions and others like him and it's continuing relevance in Iraq and Iran. The "Hit men" as they're labeled succeeded in making a deal with the Arabs to only sell their oil for American currency. Some believe this has helped stablize the American dollar. Also some speculate that the threat of Iran choosing to accept the Euro for oil may be the real source of the power elite's outrage pushing the government to intervene with a military invasion.

Using "corporatocracy" to explain the cause and force behind much of the worlds problems is an understatement. Perkins is saying that it has been and still is the blind drive for profit that motivates US regimes to behave so badly. In many cases it's the shareholders that are the bottom line and the ways and means of keeping the shareholders happy can even drive a government to war. But now something new has emerged here that needs more clarification. Is the concern for a stable dollar what's really the motivating factor in US military aggression?

Perkins was inciting the students to realize their own power to change things. Maybe we could all use some of that advice. Digg This