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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The closest I've come to Road Rage

I was dowtown Toronto at the corner of Carlton and Church before 4:00 pm and stopped to consider making a left turn. Someone in a van behind me sits on their horn for what seemed like a minute but was probably 5 or 6 seconds. In what seemed like an innocent attempt to figure out if I was making a legal turn I was being bullied into hurrying through the intersection. I responded by driving straight instead of making the illegal turn. I decided to punish the driver by stopping in my streetcar lane abruptly. Of course he probably thought I was considering a U Turn. The best I could do was at the next intersection Beep back at the man. I have very few emotional encounters while driving. But I was wondering if this erratic behaviour of mine was partly triggerred by having taken for the first time a pill containing St. Johns wort. It's supposed to keep you in a good state of mind. The strange thing is I had just had thee pretty productive hours and shouldn't have become so easily agitated. I'm glad that I did not resort to the middle finger. That to me is just joining the rat race.