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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Hydrogen Fuel
Biodiesel Fuel
Canada's Green Party
Batteries and Supercapacitors

Nuclear Physics 101
Nuclear Paradigm Shift
Can Auto Dealers Go Green
Wind and Other Energy Alternatives

What is Biodiesel Fuel?

A quick answer. It runs on your converted diesel engine so you need a diesel engine to start.

It's inventor back in 1900, Rudolf Diesel, chose peanut oil as the main fuel. So you can see the idea is not so new.

Carbon emissions are next to zero depending on the purity. B5 is 5 percent biodiesel with 95 percent petroleum, B20 is 20 percent biodiesel with 80 percent petroleum, or B100 is 100 percent biodiesel, no petroleum.

Commercial biodiesel that meets ASTM D6751 is legally registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a legal motor fuel for sale and distribution.

How much to convert?

Bio diesel conversion kits are priced from $650 to $1500. Be sure to have the car checked over thoroughly before installing.


It's cheaper and a lot cleaner than diesel depending on where you get your fuel. In some cases a Chinese restaurant or a diner restaurant will give their used oil away. The more self reliant individuals don't mind getting a filter to remove any pieces of food such as french fries still in the oil.


It needs thinning or heating in cold weather and that's the reason for the various mixtures. I read on another blog that paint thinner works well.

Interesting Facts:

Germany expects to replace 3% of their diesel with fuel produced by refining vegetable oil by 2010. Petrobras plans to use 256 million liters of vegetable oils in the production of H-Bio fuel in 2007. ConocoPhilips is processing 42,000 gallons per day. Neste Oil completed their first NExBTL plant in the summer 2007 and the second one will be completed in 2009. The annual production capacity of each these two plants will be 170,000 tons.

The most used method of making biodiesel is known as transesterification. It involves mixing vegetable oil, alcohol, and sodium hydroxide. This is simple enough that many people do it at home. But refined biodiesel is actually chemically identical to regular diesel and can be tweaked to outperform regular diesel. And works in cold weather.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Madoff Made Off with 50 Billion What Dreams are Made Of (Not)

You know what I was thinking. I have a theory.

Why the Fed Keeps Recklessly Printing Money.

Since so much of the rest of the world's economies are affected by US trade and banking that the US has more power to dominate worldwide by printing money.

Against economic theory they think they stand a chance of surviving because the rest of the economies in other countries will try to avoid going down with them and that is kind of a safety in numbers mentality. It's as if they want to make sure they stay ahead. They are playing a dangerous game where everyone stands to lose. Why else would they keep printing money? They are not so stupid as the old German economists and the hyperinflation of 1923. Are they? [update: when I posed this to Canadian John Turmel "The Engineer" he simply responded saying it's not the same as 1923 because the general population does not have the cash only the banks have it. The public can't get their hands on any of it.]

GREAT article on how US govt is even a greater PONZI schemer than Madoff...


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Green Party in Canada

Hydrogen Fuel
Biodiesel Fuel
Canada's Green Party
Batteries and Supercapacitors

Nuclear Physics 101
Nuclear Paradigm Shift
Can Auto Dealers Go Green
Wind and Other Energy Alternatives

Here's Kelly Wyatt's response

Dear Rick,

Thank you for your interest in the Green Party. We are very concerned with the new legislation you have mentioned, Bill C-51 and Bill C-61.

We wholeheartedly believe that this draconian legislation (Bill C-51) is a danger to Canada and to Canadians' freedom of choice. Please view our recent press release regarding C-51 for more details.

C-51 threatens natural products industry and Canadian health, say Greens

OTTAWA – The Green Party is calling on Members of Parliament to vote down Bill C-51, a government bill designed to restrict the use and sale of natural health products. Bill C-51 would amend key terminology in the Food and Drugs Act to impose a licensing requirement on natural health products, drastically restricting their legality and availability.

"Bill C-51 radically alters the Food and Drugs Act in ways that would allow government to control and restrict natural products, including herbs, vitamins and even foods like blueberries," said Green Party leader Elizabeth May. "Many Canadians are shunning pharmaceuticals in favour of effective natural health foods and products, but Mr. Harper seems bent on helping the pharmaceutical industry stifle competition from natural products."

Ms. May said that the Bill expands the federal government's power to reject natural products, imposes extreme fines on those who violate the proposed new rules and criminalizes natural health practitioners by providing Health Canada with alarming enforcement powers. She added that limiting natural products may force Canadians to turn to pharmaceuticals instead.

"The text of Bill C-51 is rife with Orwellian doublespeak. It is worded to confuse and is promoted by the Conservatives as legislation designed to protect Canadians' health. But clearly, Prime Minister Stephen Harper cares only about protecting profits for Big Pharma."

Green Party acting Health Promotion critic Jake Cole added that the Bill would prevent parliamentary scrutiny before synchronizing Canadian Food and Drug laws with those of foreign countries. The government could simply introduce new regulations without proposing legislation and seeking parliamentary approval.

"Mr. Harper is threatening the health of every Canadian with this draconian legislation," said Mr. Cole. "Those who use natural health products to obtain relief from medical conditions are doomed to suffer. The Green Party opposes any move to force pharmaceuticals on Canadians who prefer natural products."

As for C-61, It is imperative that reforms of the copyright act respect the balance of granting privilege to the creators of intellectual works with the needs of the public to interact with, critique and enjoy these works. The Green Party recognizes that these interests are not always antagonistic: creators of intellectual property can, and have, benefited from controlled and well articulated levels of fluency with the public domain. Copyright legislation needs to be progressive in embracing technological evolution and permitting consumers to continue to exercise their fair dealing rights. We believe that Bill C-61 is not an effective way to protect and stimulate our cultural institutions.

Copyright legislation must evolve with the culture it is protecting, and the rapid evolution in technology has made it pertinent to revisit today. Tantamount to reforming copyright legislation is protecting the interests of Canadian producers and consumers of intellectual property. Responsible and reciprocal treatment of our international partners will follow from clearly defining our domestic interests.

In order to achieve these objectives the Green Party of Canada will:

Establish a copyright registry that will facilitate tracking and protecting of copyrights where registration is optional for the original author, but mandatory upon the transfer of ownership or death of the author;

Remove the Levy on Blank Audio Recording Media and replace it with private copying exemptions;

Introduce a formal notice-and-notice mechanism for dealing with copyright infringement online, thereby affirming common carrier status for Internet Service Providers (ISPs);

Renounce the Crown Copyright applied to all government produced documents, thereby immediately releasing them into the public domain;

Hold consultations with music and movie industry artists, producers and distributors along with citizen's assemblies to address the issues of online peer-to-peer networks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unfit to stand so close to presidency

Dan Payne of the Boston Globe Makes some interestintg and revealing facts about Palin.
An his analysis is hard to ignore.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Bar Codes Can Talk With Your Cellphone

Software will let phones read encoded data on everyday objects to call up videos, pictures or text from the Internet.Some say the GPS or voice recognition will be the next big thing. Finland has enabled purchases from vending machines where the charge goes on your phone bill. But what the problem? Why won't it take off in other countries? Bar code reading means far more than getting product information. Read the article. Very exciting possibillities.This link eplains why it won't be soon that the cellphone replaces your wallet. Doesn't it always come down to greed.

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