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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Madoff Made Off with 50 Billion What Dreams are Made Of (Not)

You know what I was thinking. I have a theory.

Why the Fed Keeps Recklessly Printing Money.

Since so much of the rest of the world's economies are affected by US trade and banking that the US has more power to dominate worldwide by printing money.

Against economic theory they think they stand a chance of surviving because the rest of the economies in other countries will try to avoid going down with them and that is kind of a safety in numbers mentality. It's as if they want to make sure they stay ahead. They are playing a dangerous game where everyone stands to lose. Why else would they keep printing money? They are not so stupid as the old German economists and the hyperinflation of 1923. Are they? [update: when I posed this to Canadian John Turmel "The Engineer" he simply responded saying it's not the same as 1923 because the general population does not have the cash only the banks have it. The public can't get their hands on any of it.]

GREAT article on how US govt is even a greater PONZI schemer than Madoff...