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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Opinion: Should Colbert Be an Independent

What if Colbert was serious? What if he looked out at the presidential candidates and realized that the parties have too much money behind them to trust any candidate. The argument being that there must be some corrupting influences behind all that support. Historically independent candidates do very poorly. But if he's already parting with tradition and if Colbert has any valuable lesson for us it should be that voting for the winners has been getting us into trouble for too long. The notion that Nader helped to split the vote causing Kerry to lose. This kind of thinking doesn't apply to Colbert. He is in a unique position to send a powerful message to those that will listen. Voting for a leader that we trust the most makes more sense than voting for the leader that has the best chance of winning and belongs to the same old party that your family usually votes for. Apathy has proven to be quite prevalent among young voters. Reading comments on the blogs has shown that a surprising number are showing interest in voting for the first time to show their support or in many cases to show their contempt for the existing choices. We're missing revolt. The tendency to believe that our individual vote means so little is stronger over the past eight years than ever. But now I'd like to see Colbert go independent and help wake up some of the people on the fence to take action.
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