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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What is well informed and how to choose a side!!!

I have been watching how the "media" such as Fox News and even those on the opposite side handles manipulating the public. What I've noticed is that extremists like Glenn Beck will spew out a list of the enemies and say for instance Brave New Foundation has the following supporters and thinks that by inferring they are the enemy the viewers will buy it. I'm sure that even some of the statements are wrong but what's important here is that there is no intellectual content. No journalism. All there is is pure evangelical style ranting and this alone is suppose to be enough to convince viewers who are the enemy. This is a sign we should do away with Televisions if this is the kind of airtime is being made available.

More than ever it has become clear that the masses who try to survive are finding it impossible to care any more because the misinformation is so rampant and they have no energy left to actually research the truth. The truth does matter and your opinion counts.

more later...