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Saturday, January 03, 2009


I saw Bill Maher's Religulous and enjoyed it. I find Bill Maher clever and witty as well as very funny at times. He has the ability, like many comedians, to relate to our common experiences. A more meaningful part of the film, to me, was when he said he actually went through a period where he questioned gods existence after breaking up with his girlfriend. He said that he was even looking into Numerology as a way of explaining things in his quest for answers.

I'd say the film is worth seeing. He makes some good points and helps us see how much of the world, part of which has authority over many people, are capable of living with large contradictions and will find ways of justifying their beliefs in order to match their belief system. Maher says that many of them are intelligent but when it comes to religion they make exceptions where rational thought and critical thinking are less important.

But isn't it true that we always break with rational thinking when we accept our family members no matter how crazy or nasty they may behave.

But then sometimes you just have to say that there is comfort derived from stories in the bible no matter how much you take literally. Here's a tear-jerker.